poepatchnotes.com shows all official GGG patch notes for the game Path of Exile. Patches are periodically scraped from their official website, parsed and put into a quickly searchable form. The newest few patches are always refreshed as GGG sometimes updates recent patch posts.

Since GGG's format for patches varies over time, it's difficult to correctly parse all patches in one go. There will be some errors. Very few notes should be outright missing, but some notes that should be together are parsed separately. For example, the parser makes the assumption that all li-elements are a separate note (correct in ~95% of cases), but sometimes GGG continues a note starting in one li-element to another li-element.

Stuff to fix: better parsing of Problem/Solution format, try to deduce 'note blocks' and group them.

If you find errors, don't hesitate to contact me at jakkoreia[at]gmail.com!